Pühaste Brewery

The origin of Pühaste brewery goes back to the year 2011, when Eero, presently our Head Brewer, made his first craft beers. His test beers, brewed in the summer cottage in Pühaste village, Valga county, deserved high grades from his friends and encouraged Eero to think about his own brewery.

In autumn 2014, friends from Põhjala brewery offered an opportunity to brew beer in their premises but under the brand name Pühaste. This was the start of the famous Pühaste beers that are now widely known among beer lovers - Nokturn, Humalakoda and Mosaiik.

Excellent feedback from clients inspired us to continue as “gypsy” brewers and a successful cooperation with Lehe brewery in Keila, Õllenaut in Saue and Tanker in Vaida followed. Our beers reached beer lovers in Estonia as well as abroad.

After about a year of construction and preparatory works, we opened our own brewery in Tartu on 10 September 2016.

Pühaste team aims at creating new, interesting and enjoyable tastes, also at increasing the community of craft beer friends all over the world.


Näytä: Lista / Ruudukko
Pühaste Talisman 4,7% 0,33L
Tuotenumero: 416
2,86 € (15%)
3,36 €
Pühaste Udu 5,9% 0,33L
Tuotenumero: 417
2,96 € (15%)
3,48 €