Tanker Külmale Maale 8,5% 0,33L

Tuotenumero: 312
Yksikkö: tk
Toimitusaika: 10 päivää
Hinta: 3,78 €
3,21 €

Sweet and decadent aroma of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Pitch black beer with frothy brown creamy head. Chocolate, coffee, mint and roasted barley dominate the flavor at first, swallowing gives a warming hit of alcohol and bittersweet aftertaste. This is a beer designed to stand up to long and harsh winters. This beer transports you to winter wonderland!


AROMA–Mint, coffee
TASTE–Mint chocolate, coffee
MALTS–Pale Ale, Carabohemian, Carafa2, oat and barley flakes, roasted unmalted barley
HOPS–Chinook, Glacier